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The safe demolition of all types of buildings is the responsibility of building control who will make certain that proper precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the public around the immediate vicinity of the demolition site.

A person intending to demolish a building (or part) must give notice to building control and await receipt of the Council's ‘counter notice' before starting work.

How to apply for consent

Commencing demolition work

Demolition works may only commence after receipt of the Partnership's counter notice or on expiry of 6 weeks from the date notice was given to the Partnership.

When notified of commencement, the surveyor can carry out inspections during the course of demolition and on completion to ensure the conditions of demolition are met. This will be dependant on the complexity of demolition and any works that may need to be carried out to make the site safe.

Demolition counter notice requirements

Building control will carry out a site inspection and will serve a counter notice in accordance with Sections 81 and 82 of the Building Act 1984.


The Partnership's counter notice will specify requirements that the owner or agent must adhere to during the demolition process. These requirements relate to:


The demolition contractor also has an obligation to advise all service providers and neighbours. If you intend to carry out a demolition or you need information or advice regarding demolition, please contact our Building Control team.


Planning consent may also be required prior to demolishing a building. For further information please contact the Planning Technicians on 01453 754 442

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Latest news release published: 28/04/2021